Street Fighter Conversion Rules

Yes, I know there are other Conversion Rules out there, I've read them, but they all have one thing in common: Street Fighters are soooo weak and have not even the smallest chance against any Supernatural being without Focus and/or Chi.

So I've took the Rules I read and changed it a little bit. Now they are competent Fighters, they have still some Problems with other Supernatural beings (but they are called Supernatural, don't forget that), but they are now able to defend themselves.

Here are the....


Health and how to heal it:

Willpower and Chi:


Other Supernatural beings:

Because Street-Fighters are only Mortals (and only Mortals like Humans, Kin-Folk and Races from the Street Fighter Sourcebooks are allowed), there knowledge about Supernatural beings is very small and they react like normal Mortals.

Important: they are not Immune to Delirium, but if a SF spent 5 Freebie-Points he is Immune, because he start as an Kinfolk.

Street Fighters are allowed to learn Occult, but they should have a really good reason why.

Other Notes:

Fast Rules (Optional):

(If the Storyteller does not want to use Maneuvers in his Campaign then use the following Rules)
Initiative: Dex + Alertness + 2
Attack: Dex + Techniques + 2
Damage: Str + Techniques + 2
Punch: +1 Attackdice, +1 Initiative, -1 Damage
Kick: +1 Damage, -1 Attackdice
Grab: Sustained Hold, -1 Move, it ignores Special Block-Bonuses as described before.
Block: like described before (for the purposes of Soak)
Athletic: could be used as Dodge or Attack and it increases the Move of each Action
Focus-Maneuver: learned and used normally
Others (Firearms, Melee,..):no Special Bonuses

Power Rules (Optional):

If these SF's are still to weak than you should use this Rules.

The SF gain a 3rd like-Chi-Rating: Fate, Luck, Rage or something that fit to this Character (I used Fate in this Script). This Trait is used to Boost a SF like Rage from Werewolf, but it's a little Bit stronger.

Starting Rate: 5

Maximum Rate: 10

Costs: 5 Freebie or Rating x 3 Exp.

Uses: max. 3/Round

How to gain it back: like Chi and Will but you use Glory instead of Honor


These Powers are cumulative (Example: you can gain one Extra Attack this Round and 4 extra Attack-Dices).

The SF can't increase his Healing Rate with Chi or Will and they also can't gain extra Attacks by using this Ratings.

Applications: (per 1 Fate)